DealCab - The Tech Deal Maker Platform

The Tech Deal Maker Platform

A New Generation of M&A Advisory Services

Connecting Buyers and Sellers of Tech Startups & Innovative Companies

The Tech Deal Maker Platform

DealCab offers a new generation of M&A advisory services. We are a software-powered M&A boutique combining digital M&A expertise with the agility and tools of a tech startup

DealCab connects buyers and sellers of tech startups & innovative companies that would have not met otherwise


A Unique Dealflow

Access to a unique network of buyers and sellers in the tech startups and innovative companies market


Expert in Exit Transactions

We catalyse liquidity events for founders and investors willing to exit tech startups and innovative companies


Matching Algorithms

Identify the right opportunity or be identified as the right partner thanks to more targeted and personalized match combining both human and artificial intelligence


Do the Right Deal, Do the Deal Right

Our mission is to help you find and engage the right buyer or seller and make deals happen

Our services


Leverage our matching tools and industry expertise to intelligently connect with buyers or sellers that fit ideal target match


Explore and realize transactions confidentially in one place


Get full support from the DealCab team from deal sourcing to deal execution


Explore Buying Opportunities

Acces to our unique dealflow and connect confidentially with potential opportunities that fit your target match

Explore Selling

Anonymously and confidentially explore interest for your business or your investment from potential buyers

Who We Serve

logo connection

Tech startups & innovative companies of all stages looking for exit or external growth opportunites

logo investment

Large, medium and small sized corporates looking for investment or divestment opportunities in tech startups & innovative companies

logo financial

Financial investors looking for investment or divestment opportunities in tech startups & innovative companies

How it works

We have developed our own methodology to source and execute transaction in less than 6 weeks

Fill your search criteria form

The information will be kept confidential and will be managed by the DealCab team only

Verification and matching process

We check the quality of the potential investor or the quality of the project to be sold and we determine the potential match

Connection proposition

We suggest connections to sellers, if accepted we then connect buyers and sellers willing to engage

DealCab support for deal execution

We will assist you in implementing and coordinating the deal execution from preliminary discussion to negotiation and deal closing

Contact us

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